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'Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication', (Leonardo Da Vinci).

A clear simple and concise e-commerce strategy will make the difference for your business. 

Simple, measurable marketing strategies are the way to grow your business.  

By combining a clear marketing strategy with your e-commerce we are able to grow rapidly. 

Marketing first.

By using marketing disruption we can grow your e-commerce business. 

It’s all about using the right technology and data to serve your customers better, faster, and cheaper.

E-commerce acceleration. transforms the right technologies into opportunities for your business by offering several distinct services: Digital strategy, Digital transformation, Mergers and acquisitions Digital Due Dilligence, and Analytics and AI. How? Quickly in a pragmatic way. No-nonsense in order to achieve maximum results in the shortest of times.

Innovation & automation. simplifies implementation of disruptive e-commerce strategies, so you can focus on customer experience and increasing your revenue.

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For businesses that are looking for a step-change in digital growth and are excited to see how disruption can work for them.

Our clients share my commitment to making things happen, the main important diver are the results. 

Together we will simplify and focus on key processes to drive growth. 


Always start from customer needs and  translate this into technical and organizational requirements. New technology can help to better fullfil a customer need and remove barriers that previously couldn’t be removed. Create a clear and concise plan with a detailed roadmap. 


Since 2006, I have worked on digital and e-commerce projects for leading companies in the FMCG. From start-ups to Scale-ups.

A frontrunner in the implementation of new technologies: from automation to AR and AI. I work in a pragmatic efficient way. No-nonsense approach.  just results. 

Elevate your e-commerce game. 

Disrupt e.commerce provides you with the right e-commerce strategies that put your brand ahead of the competition. From omni-channel brands to vertical brands, we will create a strategy that works and delivers growth.

If you are looking for a clear, concise marketing and e-commerce strategy, just contact me. 

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Tom de Vos

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Tom de Vos is the founder of  He was the CDO of Fatboy, a Dutch design brand that creates innovative lifestyle products. Over the last 17 years Tom has worked in marketing and e-commerce for big firms such as L'Oréal & Beiersdorf, but also as a Growth Hacker and Marketing Director for Start-ups.

Tom has a Master in International Business from Maastricht University and has lived in several countries. Fluent in English, Dutch and French, Tom also speaks some Spanish and German.

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