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About me. 

Tom de Vos was the CDO for Fatboy the Original a Design company. During his years he quadrupled the E-commerce business of the company and transformed the company from a wholesale player into an omnichannel brand. 

Key note speaker at AWE in the USA on Augmented Reality & advisor of AI start-ups such as HiCharli AI,  Techanalysis a company focused on integration analytics in the A.R. V.R environment and a company helping tech companies to log their progress. 

With a broad network of partners and specialists in E-commerce Tom can help grow your company  rapidly without overspending. 

He helped start-ups to accelerate their growth and expand rapidly throughout Europe. 

He introduced the first e-commerce platform at L'Oreal in 2007 and launched and set-up the E-commerce strategy for Beiersdorf.

On top of that Tom has set-up multiple collaborations with Amazon and Bol and other marketplaces: (Yoox, N&D). 


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