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You can find most information here, for the answers you cannot find, please contact me. 

What sets you apart from other Strategic E-commerce partners?

First of all our experience of more than 15 years, this in combination with the fact that I was actually working in the business vs regular agencies. I do not create fancy slides, I create a way of working that actually works. No nonsense, pragmatic.

Who is this for?

For businesses that are looking for a step-change in digital growth and are excited to see how disruption can work for them. Our clients share my commitment to making things happen, the main important diver are the results. Together we will simplify and focus on key processes to drive growth.

What makes this different?

Always start from customer needs and translate this into technical and organizational requirements. New technology can help to better fullfil a customer need and remove barriers that previously couldn’t be removed. Together we create a clear and concise plan with a detailed roadmap. We cut the nonsense and stick to the facts.

Who are you?

Since 2006, I have worked on digital and e-commerce projects for leading companies in the FMCG. From start-ups to Scale-ups. I have been a frontrunner in the implementation of new technologies: from automation to AR and AI. I work in a pragmatic efficient way. No-nonsense approach. No fancy office, just results.

Has this site been created by A.I?

Yes. (most of it)

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